Bike Fund is a charitable project, still ongoing in 2018.

MTB North Marathon wishes to encourage using the bike as an alternative mean of transportation to and from school, both in rural and crowded urban areas. This habit is important for the health of the youths, but also an act of respect for the environment.

The organizers, participants and sponsors of MTB North Marathon all contribute to the Bike Fund, through which kids from the local communities where the event takes place receive new bikes, as donations.

The Bike Fund gets its resources from private donations from sport lovers and from the prizes fund of MTB North Marathon. The participants have the option to donate their potential prizes in the registration form or at the event. Those who do not wish to donate their prizes will receive them in cash.

The money in the Bike Fund will be used to buy new bikes for the kids and youths in the local community and they will be donated by the participants and authorities during the winners’ festivity.

In 2017, 4 mountain bikes were offered to the kids in the Pomarla-Hiliseu area.

Thank you for being part of this!