MTB North Marathon is a sporting celebration with purpose to bring together the communities of the extreme north, each year. MTB NM was initiated by Valeriu Catargiu and Bogdan Lefter; they dealt with the firt 5 editions, and since 2016 the competition has passed  to the Asociația Nord being part of the Festival Zilele Nordului.

The participants have an enriched experience and an opportunity to  spend a mini-holiday in the northernmost extreme: rock, jazz, electro music, cultural , sports, conferences and guided tours, tourist promotion projects, renovation and restorations of historical and natural areas in the Botoșani – Suceava – Iași – Cernăuți – Chișinău region.

This is the North! Come join us!

7th Edition, 2017 Pomarlarankings / trails / photo gallery

6th Edition, 2016 – Horodiștea: rankings | trails | photo gallery
5th Edition, 2015 – Hârlău: rankings | trails | photo gallery
4th Edition, 2014 – Vârfu Câmpului: rankings | trails 
3rd Edition, 2013 – Vârfu Câmpului: rankings | trails | galerie foto
2nd Edition, 2012 – Vârfu Câmpului:rankings | trails | photo gallery
1st Edition, 2011 – Ipotești: rankings | trails | photo gallery