MTB North Marathon is part of the Zilele Nordului festival (30th of August – 2nd of September), a music, arts and travelling festival that takes place where three frontiers meet: Romania, Ukraine and Moldova. We invite you to join us and enjoy the festival’s activities!

The core of the festival is Darabani, the northernmost city in Romania. Located hundreds of kilometers away from the major cities in the country, Darabani hosts concerts in Poiana Teioasa (a local forest) and The Bals Mansion, performances and conferences in the most surprising locations and a biking marathon next to the river Prut.

A series of travelling experiences called The Tours of the North connects the festival with the local communities from all the neighboring countries. Co-produced by the associations Fapte and Nord, the festival has already contributed to the increase of the number of tourists in this region and the number and quality of cultural and youth initiatives, stimulated infrastructural investments and produced every year projects for the rehabilitation and promotion of the cultural patrimony in the North.

Under the slogan The Roots are Growing, Zilele Nordului mobilizes the local communities and the diaspora in ambitious projects for a strong cultural development. These projects contribute, year by year, to increasing the local community’s self-confidence and the interest of tourists to visit the North of Romania.

Zilele Nordului also implements an annual fundraising campaign, organized in order to mobilize financial and material resources and bring attention towards buildings from the North patrimony that need to be saved from abandon and brought back to the cultural and touristic circuit. The funds are donated by the participants and supporters of the festival.

Through the fundraising campaigne, we raised money for: the local school in Darabani (2017), the Popular School of Romanian Arts and Civilization in Chernivtsi (2015), the Enescu memorial house in Mihaileni (2015), the opening of the Museum of the North and the building of a park in a historical local forest in Darabani (2014).