Rules & Regulations – Teioasa Trail Race


Name: North Marathon Teioasa Trail

Date: 18th August 2019

Location: Darabani/Botoșani


Teioasa Trail Race is a trail running competition open to any professional or amateur runner, registered or not in an athletic club, who has a minimum of equipment, experience and knowledge in this area and is in good health condition.


Teioasa Trail Race is organized by Asociatia Club Sportiv Nord, together with the City Hall of Darabani. It is part of Zilele Nordului festival, organized by Asociatia Nord.


In order to participate in this competition, you must read its Rules & Regulations on its website before registering. If you are a minor, the responsibility is both yours and one of your parents’ (or legal guardian’s), by signing the „Participation Agreement” by your parent (legal guardian).


Signing the agreement implies that you have read, understood and accepted these Rules & Regulations. Completing your registration by filling in the registration form means that you have read and understood the Rules & Regulations.


Part I : Registration, entry fee and race kit

  • Entry fee:
  1. Family Run: 1st February – 18th August = 50 lei
  2. Trail 6.5 km, Trail 12.5 km , Semi-marathon 20km+:
    • 1st February – 1st June = 70 lei
    • 2nd June – 1st July = 90 lei
    • 2nd July – 31st July = 120 lei
    • Competition day = 150 lei

Registrations made after 15th July do not guarantee the technical running shirt. Based on the number of registered participants, the organizers will decided if registrations will still be open on the day of the race. This aspect will be announced no later than one week before the race.

  • The race kit includes: competition number, technical t-shirt (cotton t-shirt for the Family Race), timing, hydration points, participation diploma, pasta party, finisher’s medal, and gifts from our sponsors. The organizers reserve their right to modify the content of the race kit. All modifications will be announced before the race.
  • Timing, registration and contestants management is made by . Any request regarding registration should be made at .
  • Prizes: medals, diplomas, gifts from our partners, cash prizes worth 7000 lei.
  • Free accommodation for the participants in the official camping places from Pomarla and Darabani (a maximum of two persons tent and one car is accepted.)


Means of registration


  • Online, on our website: , through bank transfer or online, by card. After filling in the registration form, you have 5 days to validate your registration by making the payment. Otherwise, your registration will not be taken into consideration.
  • On the day of the race, registrations can be made at the starting point of the race, paying in cash.


In order to validate your registration, you must check the options “I have read and agreed to the rules and regulations of the contest” and “I declare I am medically able to attend this competition”. Validation and assignment of your competition number will only be made after your payment of the entry fee.

Your payment can include the fees for more participants; in order to do so, please send an e-mail at, specifying the full name of the participants.

Information about picking up the race package, as well as the full schedule of the competition will be available shortly before the competition.

Those who registered and are not present at the start of the race will be disqualified by the organizers. Those who abandon the competition will not receive a refund of the entry fee.


Part II: Age categories

You can register in one of the following categories:

  1. Family Run : 2 km
  • designed for minors (under 15 years old)
  • it is mandatory that the minor runner is permanently accompanied by at least one parent. They must cross the finish line together. For all minors, the registration will be made by adults (the minor’s name will be the one appearing in the competition list – therefore, the t-shirt size of the minor).
  1. 5 km Run
  • Prizes will be awarded for the first 5 finishers (male and female), in the following age groups:
  • 15 – 18 years old
  • 19 – 29 years old
  • 30 – 39 years old
  • 40 – 49 years old
  • 50+ years old
  1. 5 km Run
  • Prizes will be awarded for the first 5 finishers (male and female), in the following age groups:
  • 15 – 18 years old
  • 19 – 29 years old
  • 30 – 39 years old
  • 40 – 49 years old
  • 50+ years old
  1. Half marathon (20+ km)
  • Prizes will be awarded for the first 5 finishers (male and female), in the following age groups:
  • 15 – 18 years old
  • 19 – 29 years old
  • 30 – 39 years old
  • 40 – 49 years old
  • 50+ years old

You should register in one of the mentioned categories according to your age at the start of the race (18th August 2019).


Part III: The schedule


The schedule of the competition will be announced via e-mail to all the validated participants, minimum one week in advance of the start.


Part IV: Participants’ obligations


  1. providing correct and complete information for the registration;
  2. paying the entry fee no later than picking up the race kit;
  3. using an adequate equipment throughout the entire race;
  4. minor runners from the Family Race category must be permanently accompanied by at least one parent throughout the entire race. They must cross the finish line together. The parent is responsible for the minor being present at the start line and for his/her health condition.
  5. putting up the competition number so that it is visible. The number should only be taken off after crossing the finish line or after the organizers validate your abandon;
  6. carefully following the trail and checking in at every control point of the trail (it is not allowed to use shortcuts);
  7. respecting the time limit mentioned in the part Trails. Participants that do not respect the time frame will automatically be registered as “abandon”;
  8. respecting the rules, advice and indications that the organizers or the police give throughout the competition and the special regulations in the frontier area;
  9. paying attention and respecting the traffic rules on the public roads;
  10. paying attention to the obstacles that may occur off the public roads: people, animals, branches etc.;
  11. paying attention to the direction changes in the trail (some of them might be more narrow);
  12. having a fair-play attitude;
  13. not creating dangerous situations for themselves or other participants;
  14. announcing the closest control point (or the organizers, by phone) of any serious issue encountered on the trail, including abandon. The abandon can only be announced by the participant (by phone or at the control/nutrition points, where he/she will wait for the organizers to validate the abandon);
  15. not throwing garbage/ non-biodegradable items on the trail (there will be special spots to do so at the control points);
  16. respecting the nature and the people they encounter throughout the trail;
  17. respecting the regulations and imposed behavior in the frontier area;
  18. being aware that their participation in this competition is made in full knowledge of their physical and mental ability to participate in the event;
  19. being responsible for their own security and safety.


The organizers, partners, sponsors and volunteers that are involved in organizing the event will not be made responsible for any injuries, deaths or damages that may occur during the event or as a result of the event.

Any accident that may occur during the competition because of the disregard of the rules & regulations and/or disregard of legal traffic rules by participants will be the responsibility of those involved in the accident.


Part V: Prizes


For the Family Run race, the prizes consist of medals and personalized gifts. For the adults’ races, cash prizes will be awarded for the first 3 finishers, for every age group (including 15-18 years old), as well as diplomas, medals, trophies.


General category winners:

  • For every category (6 km, 12 km, half marathon) the first 3 finishers will be awarded a trophy (both male and female);
  • Winners (male and female) from the half marathon will be awarded 350 lei in cash.
  • All participants who cross the finish line receive a finisher medal and participation diploma.

The prizes of this competition are worth 7000 lei. Cash prizes will be awarded only if there are at least 7 participants registered at the respective age category.


Cash prizes/ age group (adults’ race – 6km, 12km, half marathon):

  • 1st place = 100 lei
  • 2nd place = 70 lei
  • 3rd place = 40 lei
  • 1st place (general) half marathon (female) = 350 lei
  • 1st place (general) half marathon (male) = 350 lei


Part VI: Declarations


By accepting the rules & regulations and completing the registration form, the participant is self-declaring that:


  • he/she is physically, mentally and medically suitable to participate in the sports competition Teioasa Trail Race. He or she is, therefore, exonerating the organizers and those directly involved in the Running Trail (sponsors, partners, volunteers, authorities) of any responsibility regarding demands that he/she or his/her successors might have in the potential events of injuries, sickness, death or other medical issues that may appear during the competition;
  • he/she is aware of all the aspects regarding the actual participation in the competition and the risks that may appear (according to the Rules & Regulations of the competition);
  • he/she agrees if the organizer (or its sponsors and partners) will use his/her name, photos, videos, quotes for marketing and advertising reasons or for promoting events co-organized by Asociatia Nord and Asociatia Fapte.


Therefore, the participants are taking upon themselves the full responsibility for any injury or damages that may result from their participation in the competition.


Part VII: Others


Organizers reserve the right to use the image and name of the participants in advertising purposes of the event (present or future) and other marketing materials needed for the evaluation/presentation of the event that is representing Teioasa Trail Race.


In case of force majeure, the organizers reserve their right to cancel the competition. In this case, the registered participants will be refunded the entry fee. Any other potential expenses (such as transportation, accommodation – other than the Zilele Nordului camping, meals – other than the festive meal) will not be the organizers’ responsibility.


Organizers reserve the right to modify the Rules & Regulations, but only if they announce the changes on the website of the competition no later than 30th of August 2018, 23:59. In extreme cases, any changes will be notified at the race kit pick-up points.


The personal data mentioned in the registration form will not be used for any other purpose than verifying the competition category the participant has registered for.



  • Family Trail Race: 2 km = 45 minutes
  • Short Trail Race: 6.5 km = 1 hour
  • Long Trail Race: 12.5 km = 2 hours
  • Half Marathon: 20+ km = 4 hours and 30 minutes



The Teioasa Trail Race volunteers will be chosen from the local youth.



General information:

Registration/validation/ranking: , 0748701717/Bogdan




Annex 1: Participation agreement for minors


Teioasa Trail Race

18th August 2019, Darabani, Botosani


Full name and surname of the participant: …………………………………………………………………………..

Personal Identification Code  …………………………………………………….



I, the undersigned ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

residing in  …………………………………………………………………………………………

owner of Identity Card  …………………………, phone number ………………………………………, as parent/legal guardian of the participant, I self-declare that my son/daughter is medically suited to participate in the competition



North Marathon Teioasa Trail Race, 2nd  Edition, 18th August 2019



We take upon ourselves the responsibility for our son’s/daughter’s participation and we guarantee that the Rules & Regulations of the competition (from the website will be respected.



Parent’s/legal guardian’s signature:




Annex 2: Northern Forest Fund


In 2019 we have a new project powered by North Marathon – the Northern Forest Fund.

This fund will be used for forestation, eco and greening actions, interventions for saving protected areas and trees in the surrounding areas of Darabani and Botosani. At the first edition of the Zilele Nordului festival, together with a group of volunteers, we initiated a cleaning and intervention actions in the forests Teioasa and 4 Stejari – we rearranged and designed the Forest of the 4 Oaks of Stephen the Great. Every year, this important touristic place in our area must be cleaned and taken care of.

The contestants at Teioasa Trail may opt for donating their prizes to the Fund, either at the moment of registration (checking the respective option on the form) or at the end of the competition. Those who do not wish to donate their prizes will receive them in cash.